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The Kitchen Table

The Kitchen Table

Let’s face it; life can be a little (ok- a lot) crazy at times, especially around mealtimes. Have you ever stopped to think about the importance of your kitchen table? I mean, of course, it’s a piece of furniture, located in the kitchen, that everyone sits at to eat their food. But have you stopped and really thought about the real significance of your kitchen table? I did. And here’s what I realized.

A little magic has happened every day at the kitchen table. We talk about our days, our emotions, our dreams and our failures. We tell stories and ask our kids to finish their food way too many times. But a lot of learning and growing up has happened at our kitchen table. I look at the top of the table and notice remnants of previous art projects, despite, cleaning the table endless times. I see claw marks from the one-too-many times the dog jumped up on the table to snatch Ryan’s leftover peanut butter & jelly sandwich. I see hot spots in the wood from the steaming pizza box that was placed directly on the table and ate away some of the table’s finish. I admit, the condition of the kitchen table top infuritates me because it’s fairly new and everyone should want to take care of it. But something hit me today as I sat in my chair after everyone went their own ways for the day. I realized how much I love this table, its imperfections and everything around it.

We’ve spent countless hours, actually days at this table. I remember when we got this table. We had recently moved into our home and we were a family of 3 at the time. Ally couldn’t even sit at the table yet; we had to pull her highchair next to it so she could be a part of our family conversations. Ally tasted her first solid at the table and used to sing her ABCs. We’ve baked an endless amount of cupcakes and tons of mac & cheese has fallen off of this table onto the floor next to it. I distinctly remember telling Tim & Ally that I was pregnant at this kitchen table and then a mere 9 months later I recall sitting at this very table with a newborn Ryan in my arms as I tried to serve and eat our first meal as a family of 4. Ryan is my little chef and has made many a family meals for us at this table. Our kitchen table has hosted many birthday parties and gathered plenty of friends and family around it. We’ve read books, spilt milk, wrote business plans, laughed and cried.

This table has so many memories etched in to it and for some reason I overlooked its significance until now. Our kitchen table hosts conversations that deal with the stuff that can’t be taught in a classroom. It’s where we practice and teach our family values. Our kitchen table is at the center of where the real good stuff happens in our house; the kind of stuff that makes us US.

What does your kitchen table mean to you and your family?


(Photo credit: homedit.com)